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ScoresMine - Interactive Charts
Interactive Graphs in ScoresMine

ScoresMine delivers students performance analysis using highly interactive graphs, charts and tables.
Check out various graphs which are presented below
These are a few independent graphs to showcase the interactivity in graphs. the below formats are extensiviely used to generate helpful information to a student or institute with comparisions between students.

This chart shows you
  • Your Total Questions in the paper
  • Number of attempted questions in each Attempt
  • Number of correctly answered questions in each Attempt
  • Number of incorrectly answered questions in each Attempt
This chart shows you
  • Percentage of your total score in each Subject
This chart shows you
  • Number of questions attempted in a specific amount of time
  • Number of questions you got correct in a specific amount of time
  • Number of questions you got wrong in a specific amount of time
   Reports within a batch of students

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